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You know the style, let’s call it the Brandon Woelfel style of photography. Very saturated colors, shallow depth of field, neon or fairy lights, glasses, lots of bokeh, reflective props… It has been a really popular style of portrait photography lately, especially around the Instagram photography circles. And that’s with good reason, the highly saturated colors and whimsical styling is a great way to take us out of a world that can seem more and more gray and lifeless into a more colorful place of magic and beauty.

Let’s explore some of the top photographers that use one or more of these stylistic elements in their photography.

Brandon Woelfel

Brandon Woelfel, a New York-based photographer, is the original creator of that style of portrait photography. You probably follow him already, but, if not, he’s definitely the person to follow for this style of portraiture.

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Turn my head with talk of summertime🌞

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Calob Castellon

Based in Calipatria, California, Calob creates vibrant and colorful composites.

Jordan Taylor Wright

Jordan is a photographer and filmmaker with a colorful and imaginative body of work.

Jonathan David

Based in Los Angeles and known online as Jon Snip, Jonathan creates beautiful portraits, often using shadows in a very creative way.

Alex Miller

Alex is also based in Los Angeles and she creates colorful portraits and the occasional composites.

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Sunshine on my mind ☀️ // @morganlynx // Swipe for full set and before & afters! 🙃⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ Hi everyone, happy Monday!! Here's some sunshine for you guys to hopefully make the start to your week a little brighter haha ❤️ ⠀⠀ I'm currently editing a whole bunch of warm images and decided to challenge myself to overcome my fear of magenta and integrate it into my usually very yellow palettes 😭 And now don't tell me that a fear of magenta isn't a real fear because IT DEFINITELY IS. ⠀⠀ I'm nowhere near understanding how to properly integrate red undertones into my warm pallettes, but hey, here's to attempts!! Haha. ⠀⠀ Check out the before and afters in the set if you guys want to see how much I really added.⠀⠀ SIDE NOTE - we already have more than 400 entries for the #PortraitFFA and just launched? What the heck?? YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!! 😭❤️ Info in my prev post & highlight if you missed it!⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ ✂-----------------------------------------⁣⠀⠀⠀ #portraitsnyc #portraits_mf #earth_portraits #theportraitpr0ject #pr0ject_uno #bravogreatphoto #fabulousshot #photohunted #yourvisiongallery #portraitgames #photos_dailydose #creative_portraits #aovportraits #portraitgasm #benjamin_ellis_ #way2ill #portraitvisuals #globe_people #portraitslayers #gramslayers #bravoportraits #moodyports #ourportraitsdays #portraitvision #sonyimages #bleachmyfilm⁣ #portraits_la⠀⠀

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Kai Böttcher

Kai is based out of Germany and creates simple, yet beautiful female portraits.

Sergei Muzlov

Sergei’s portraits are full of color and depth.

Matt Garcia

Matt uses a very distinctive color palette with lots of yellows and pinks.

Geo Leon

Geo’s photography work is full of highly saturated and vibrant colors.

Miles of Color

Miles’ colorful composites are a celebration of all things color!

Ronny Garcia

Ronny creates some very beautiful and soft fine art and portrait photographs. Many of his shots contain elements from nature.

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🙏➡️Choose your fav freckles portrait 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 and tell me why🙏 ✨Also don't forget to share in your stories if you liked it ✨ I love freckles guys, I feel they are so natural and beautiful. For me is something that show how different we are and how proud we must feel about ourselves ♥️. Thanks to all beautiful woman who are always willing to work with me ♥️. I'm wishing you all a great weekend 😊 . 🙏🤭➡️Elige retrato con pecas fav 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 o 7 y dime por qué🙏 ✨No olvides compartir en tus historias si te gustó ✨ Me encantan las pecas, siento que son muy naturales y hermosas. Para mí es algo que muestra lo diferentes que somos y lo orgullosos que debemos sentirnos de nosotros mismos ♥ ️. Gracias a todas las mujeres hermosas que siempre están dispuestas a trabajar conmigo ♥ ️. Les deseo a todos un gran fin de semana 😊

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Chris Hernandez

Chris is based out of Florida and produces fun and colorful portraits.

Marco Antonio

Some amazing portraits with lots of reds and teals.

Benjamin Szentpály

The teals and reds are all the rage with Benjamin’s work!

Danny Batista

Danny produces sensual, colorful and imaginative portraiture work.