⚛️ Projects/Creations

I'm working on a new website called Spiral11, where I'll be sharing about my health and spiritual journey.

I'm also working on another project, this time musical and sound-based. It's called muted.io and it's a platform where I share all kinds of sound recordings for creators.

📚 Books and Audiobooks

I'm currently listening to the Humming Effect audiobook and reading The Secrets of Dance Music Production.

I normally listen to a bunch of podcasts too, but right now I'm focusing the above-mentioned books instead.

🧘‍♂️ Health

Spending time outside in the sun every day.

I'm getting more serious about my meditation practice and also dabbling into energy work.

👨‍🎓 Learning

I'm learning about energy healing and energy work, and enjoying the Duality Quest on Mindvalley.

🥳 Fun/Relaxation

That one has been hard to come by a bit lately for me, but I'm committing to my meditation practice and to going on more walks and reconnect with nature.

You can read more about Now pages here.