📚 Books and Audiobooks

I'm currently listening to the 10% Happier audiobook and reading AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine.

Enjoying multiple podcasts, most of them health-related, like the Peter Attia Drive, Better Health Guypodcast and Ben Greenfield's podcast.

🧘‍♂️ Health

I'm actively recovering from chronic Lyme disease and mold illness. I use many modalities on my path to recovery, and some of the most significant ones I'm doing right now are Craniosacral therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent and lymphatic massage.

Spending time outside in the sun every day.

I'm getting more serious about my meditation practice and starting to finally "get it".

👨‍🎓 Learning

I'm learning about SVG filters, and using the newfound knowledge on some of the interactive tools found on this website.

🥳 Fun

Trying to find time for fun photoshoots or taking landscape photos of my surroundings.

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