Black and white photography is more than just about shooting and then haphazardly turning some of your shots in black and white in post-production. It’s about contrasts, seeing the light, establishing a mood and tonal values.

I decided to put together this list of 15 inspiring photographers who do great black and white work. This should help give you some good inspiration and train your eye for the next time you decide to shoot something in black and white.

Yuri Shevchenko

Yuri produces some stunning portraits and architectural work.

Franz & Sally Steiner

Beautiful sports/fitness/action portraits. Franz and Sally produce a lot of color work as well, but it’s worth following even just for the black and white and sepia-toned images.

Jason Peterson

A master of black and white, Jason’s work is simply out of this world.

Walter Rothwell

Some very candid and raw images.

Matt Black

More very candid and moody images.

Michael Woloszynowicz

Michael creates beautiful black and white as well as color fashion and beauty images.

David Ingraham

Some great black and white imagery from the city of angels.

Nathan Wirth

Amazingly soft and serene black and white landscape photography.

Richard Koci Hernandez

Highly creative street photography shots.

Lee Jeffries

Some vivid, raw and emotional portraits.

Alexander Yakovlev

Alexander produces stunning black and white ballet photographs.

Kai Ziehl

Some of the most amazing architecture photography.

David Yarrow

A master at black and white wildlife photography.

Alan Schaller

Street photographer extraordinaire!

Black+White Photo Mag

This last one is not a photographer, but rather a magazine that you can follow on Instagram for all kinds of black and white photography works.


With this dose of inspiration, you should be well equipped to go out and shoot with black and white in mind.