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Learning photography and retouching can take many forms. There’s no substitute for actual practice, but otherwise there’s also articles, professional courses, workshops, books, podcasts,… And these days arguably the biggest source of photography/retouching learning material is YouTube. With tons of very high quality channels from YouTubers that publish new content on a consistent basis, YouTube is really a treasure trove for photographers.

It can be hard to know about all the best channels to follow, so I’ve put together this list of 23 YouTube channels to help out. They are classified into 2 major categories:

Of course, many of these channels cover both photography and retouching, but I’ve classified according to the main focus of the channel.

Plus, as an extra, I’ve added each channel’s most popular educational video to this date, which should give you a good ideas of what to expect from the channel.

Mostly About Photo Retouching


Aaron Nace is the man when it comes to photo editing. Through Phlearn he teaches us about all aspects of photo retouching in Photoshop with great tutorials.


Unmesh from PiXimperfect brings us some great retouching tutorials and nifty tricks to save time in Photoshop.

Terry White

Terry White is the person to follow for the latest updates and tricks with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Michael Woloszynowicz

Michael is a fashion and beauty photographers. His YouTube channel has some great advanced beauty retouching techniques.

Photoshop Training Channel

Jesús Ramirez gives us some quick Photoshop tips as well as some in-depth tutorials.

Photoshop Tutorials

In this channel you’ll learn some interesting creative techniques to play around with your own photos.


KelbyOne is the channel to follow for everything Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

Mostly About Photography


Adorama is not only a major photography equipment store, but they also have a great YouTube channel with a whole lot of learning material. I especially like their OnSet segment hosted by photographer Daniel Norton.

B&H Photo Video

The YouTube channel from the other major retailer of photo equipment is also full of gems.

Daniel Norton Photographer

I mentioned Daniel earlier with his OnSet videos with Adorama. Here’s an awesome photography educator and his sense of humor make his videos some of my favorites.


DPReview is not necessarily about learning photography, and instead is more about the gear, but I thought it was still worth a mention here because they are a great source to get the scoop on the latest photography gear.


Some great photography tutorials from Fstoppers, one of the major photography websites.

Jared Polin

Jared has a great in your face style and sense of humor. He covers photography gear, gives us some tricks, and, last but not least, gives us his opinion on many photo-related topics.

Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica is an amazing photographer and her channel is full of great little tips and tricks.

Joel Grimes

Joel is a well known and respected photographer with a unique style. He brings us fun tutorials about lighting.

Julia Trotti

Julia’s channel is another one of those that’s full of great photography and workflow tips.

Matt Granger

Matt is another personality to follow for both his opinions, but also for his tips and gear reviews.

Miguel Quiles

Miguel brings us behind the scenes to some of his photoshoots where we can eavesdrop on his techniques.

Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is really well known in the photography/YouTube world, and his channel is probably the most successful photo/video channel. On top of some great photography tips, he covers a lot of video-related material.

SLR Lounge

Yet another great channel brought to us from a major photography website. Great photography tips and techniques!

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes is a great photo educator and he brings us his opinions, tips and gear reviews.

The Slanted Lens

The Slanted Lens is another great channel for all things gear and lighting. Plus, Jay P. Morgan is a great personality to watch.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Tony and Chelsea are a photography power couple and they bring us some great educational material for all things digital photography.

Wrapping Up

📺 With this, you pretty much have unlimited hours of watching/learning ahead of you. If I forgot a major channel, just let me know here.