High Contrast Car Interior Retouching Using Photoshop Black & White Color Adjustment

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I took this shot very quickly thinking nothing of it and not even realizing that my ISO was set so high. I ended up liking the picture however and the effect of having the seat blurred out in the foreground. I applied just a few adjustments to create the high contrast black & white final image.

Before / After:

1- Color Lookup

Color lookup is and interesting adjustment layer, and it comes with an effect that’s perfect to add contrast: Film Stock. Film Stock not only pushes the contrast, but also adds a bleach bypass effect:

  • Create a Color Lookup adjustment layer.
  • Set the 3DLUT file to FilmStock.

2- Curves

Let’s increase the contrast even more with a Curves adjustment:

  • Create a Curves adjustment layer.
  • Bring the lower left dark point to the right to increase the contrast slightly.

3- Black & White Adjustment

Now for the bulk of the effect, let’s add a Black & White adjustment and tweak the values around a bit:

  • Create a Black & White adjustment layer.
  • With this image, the main color tones were cyans and blues, but I found myself needing to adjust only the Cyan value to arrive at the effect I wanted.
  • I set the Cyan value to -60 from a starting value of 60.

Easy as pie! Not much needed to be tweaked on this picture for an end result that looks great.

🌄 Image info:

  • Camera: Nikon D800
  • Focal length: 66mm
  • Shutter speed: 1/200s
  • Aperture: f/6.3
  • ISO: 1250

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